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Love's Little Pyro

Hidden Subtext and Joy!

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15 January
I believe:
~that if love and mutual respect aren't the answer, space is.
~that my socks *do* get stolen in the laundrey, despite what my friends say.
~that the theories of evolution and faith can be reconciled.
~that when I turn 60 and decide to fulfill my life-long dream of becoming a cat lady, my true friends will buy me kitty litter and cleaning supplies.
~that it's ok to get drunk once in a while if you do it responsibly.
~that animals have personalities.
~that sometimes there just isn't enough chocolate in the world.
~that yes, a man's hair can be too long.
~that the goose and the dolphin are two of the most frightening animals in the world.
~that one of the best things in the world is to get up early, work out hard and come home smelling of horse.
~that no one should be named out of a baby book.
~that you can tell the quality of a current dictionary by the definitions of the word "f@ck" in it: my dictionary has 12.

At any time I will:
~sing showtunes, symphonies, and alternative music out loud.
~try everything (and I mean everything) once with no obligation to repeat.
~dress sexily just because I can.
~watch a flame until my eyes adjust and I can't see it anymore.
~be brutally honest and caustic.
~stare at people expressionlessly until they snap.
~break out my knitting.
~turn random words into a song.
~break the 4th toe on my right foot.
~nap, even in odd places.
~turn on a fan or lose clothing.

I can:
~recite the first three chapters of "The Princess Bride" by memory.
~draw with my toes.
~lift one eyebrow.
~play four musical instruments that are *not* guitar or piano.
~knit, quilt, embroider, applique, sew clothing, spin wool, bead, arrange flowers and bake like nothing in the world.
~type 50+ wpm when I try.
~apply make-up on other people properly but not myself.
~eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting, especially when it's Chubby Hubby.

I can't:
~shut my mouth at the right time.
~get my hair to straighten.
~believe that they cancelled Firefly and Invader Zim.
~not buy the next Terry Pratchett book.
~learn another language in its completancy.
~remember if "completancy" is a word. (It isn't; it's completeness)

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