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Deeply Met: Sunnydale

You know, I've seen quite a few fics in where Xander discovers his sexuality with Larry prior to graduation. Or something like that. But how many fics are actually Xander/Larry? I don't think I've ever read one.

Plot Bunny! So I decided to write my own. This is set vaugely in my deepling!verse, before everything happens, but don't really feel required to read the rest. It's just a little drabble.

Title: Deeply Met: Sunnydale
Pairing: Lander (Larry/Xander)
Rating: NC-17 (or whatever) for naughty mouths... going where they shouldn't!
Feedback: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kate_fire/
Concrit: /in comments/

Xander directed the various students carrying fertilizer bags to place them around the library. He was bent over; running wires together in a close approximation of what Jack had told him to do after he’d beat it out of the zombie. Well, technically, after Angel had beat it out of the zombie and Xander took notes and asked questions. Still, key-guy here.

Finally done, he unbent and stretched, looking around the library. Larry set a bag of fertilizer on top of others and glanced at Xander. “That’s the last of them,” the football player said. “I sent the other kids home—they needed rest.”

Too tired to care much, Xander nodded. “Yeah. We’ve got a lot to do.”

“And less time to do it in,” Larry agreed. He reached around and opened his backpack. “Want to take a break?” He pulled out a couple of beers.

“Uh, no thanks,” Xander waved it off. “I’ll just get a soda from the machine. I need the sweet caffeination of cola.”

“No problem.”

Larry followed Xander down the hallway, and Xander was surprised at the jock’s silence. He perched on a cafeteria table at watched the football player fidget with the beer.

“I just-just didn’t want to die without drinking a beer,” Larry said quietly, in the silence of the empty school. He avoided Xander’s eyes. “I know that even with the best of odds… most of us aren’t going to make it. Not that it’s your fault,” he added quickly, glancing up at Xander earnestly. “But there’s a lot of kids out there with promise, and if I can help them survive, I will.”

“You’ve got promise, Larry,” Xander said. “Didn’t you get accepted to a couple of schools?”

He snorted and threw away the empty can. “Football scholarships, all of ‘em. The minute they find out that I’m gay they’ll drop me like that,” he snapped his fingers. “And I don’t have enough school smarts or money to stick around in a decent college without it.”

“Larry,” Xander said, “don’t talk like that. You’re not going to die.”

“Wake up, Xander!” Larry snapped. “Some of us will die. You can’t save everyone. It’s impossible. But if we don’t stop this thing—the Mayor—here, then he’ll go on and kill other people. You know that. I know that. And I think that you should know that all of us—all of us who are helping—we chose this. We know what we’re getting into. We’ve lost enough friends and relatives to realize that we’re not immortal. And if any of us die, I don’t want you to take it too hard.”

“Larry…” Xander was touched at the thought of big, burly Larry who had picked on him for years now caring about how Xander felt. “God, Larry…”

“Xander,” Larry stepped closer, looking very, very nervous. “There’s—there’s something else.”


Step. “Um, before I say this, I want to make sure that you know that I was saying that stuff earlier because it’s what I believe, and it’s got nothing to do with what’s coming next.”

Step. Xander’s stomach tightened with tension as Larry came within arm’s reach, then closer. The teen was huge, he really was. “What is coming next?”

Step. “Um, you know how I said that I didn’t want to die without trying a beer?” Larry looked really, really, really nervous.


Step. “Well, it’s not the only thing that I want to try before I die.”

Step. Xander looked up at Larry. Even with Xander sitting on the cafeteria tables the other teen was a few inches taller than him. “What?”

“I don’t feel comfortable asking anyone else,” Larry said. He was so close Xander could see the specks of green in his blue eyes.

“Gonna have to spell it out here,” Xander said, his voice breathless and whispery.

Larry leant forward. “Xander,” he said in a voice just as quiet and breathless. “Can I kiss you?”

Mutely, head so close, Xander nodded. And Larry did.

The first touch of another man’s lips on his made Xander suddenly compare. Larry vs. Cordelia: both were firm kissers, but in an interesting way Larry was more hesitant, more gentle and teasing. It was a close-mouthed move, and then a little back-up, and then a kiss again, more self-confident. Larry’s tongue came out to flicker, lick, tease at Xander’s own lips, and Xander opened up his mouth in response. Really encouraged now, Larry began to seriously kiss Xander.

One hand came up to stroke at Xander’s jaw line, finding the stubble coming up and scratching at it with blunt fingernails, and then soothing it with the pads of fingers made strong from so many years of sports. The other hand was resting on Xander’s hip, fingers motionless but grasping all the same.

Larry was a good kisser once he got his momentum back, but it was what Xander would consider later, alone in his bedroom, a man’s kiss. Tongue possessive, tangling and erotic on a level Xander had never considered. No teasing teeth like Cordelia would use, with nibble-nibble-nibble everywhere, and Xander realized with a shock that it really was Larry’s first time kissing a guy. The least Xander could do was help out like Cordy had taught him.

So it was Xander who teased, darting his tongue in, licking quickly, and then running away. He suckled on Larry’s lower lip, feeling the brush of the football player’s own stubble against his tongue, and realizing he kind of liked the roughness. It made it all more real, somehow. Larry was here, he was solid, and he wasn’t going away any time soon. He slipped away from Larry’s mouth for a second to tease the earlobe, hearing Larry’s gasp of surprised pleasure as he ran his teeth along it like Xander liked Cordy to do, and then eased it with a long lick that ran all the way up the shell and down along the inside of the curve. Larry tasted of sweat and just a hint of the fertilizer that he’d spent all day carting around, and some musk that was a heavy almost locker-room type smell. A man’s smell.

“God! Xander!” Larry gasped. His hand slipped and brushed Xander’s lap where his cock was stiffening. “Can-can I blow you?” The almost pleading in Larry’s voice made Xander even harder: no one had asked for him before.

Xander didn’t even think: they were alone, he was tired and horny, Larry wanted it and they very well might die in the next few days after all. He bit the top of Larry’s ear gently, catching it between his teeth, and whispered, “Okay.”

Again with the comparisons, he thought with a gasp as Larry knelt in front of Xander, hands sliding up to free his erection. He was just a comparing fool today. A blowjob from a hurried cheerleader in a closet, semi-disgusted at putting her mouth where a man pees from was incredibly, radically different from a stressed football player in an empty cafeteria who was—very!—secure in the fact that he liked cock.

Larry’s mouth was fastened around the head of Xander’s cock, licking and sucking on it like it was a delicious lollipop. While Larry apparently had as little practical experience as Cordelia, he must have done some kind of research, because his technique was radically different. His hands got into the act, fondling Xander’s balls as he must have masturbated himself: a stroke, teasing brush and then, suddenly, abandoning the head to lick his way down and gently draw them into his mouth.

Xander gasped and his hands grabbed Larry’s head, almost by instinct. The football player’s hair was almost too short to grasp, so Xander skimmed his thumbs across the cropped brush, forcing himself not to pull too hard or thrust up into that warm, willing mouth when Larry returned to the tip of his cock. One hand gripped his dick, jacking him off as the mouth sucked and the tongue teased at his slit, and Xander’s breath came faster. Larry’s other hand had disappeared and Xander had a sneaking suspicion where it went to, but he wasn’t about to begrudge the man his own pleasure when Xander was the one getting sucked off.

He glanced down to see Larry’s eyes closed in enjoyment as the football player’s own hips jerked, and the sight of someone doing this for him, to him, and liking it nearly sent Xander over the edge. His own eyes squeezed shut as he jerked and gasped out: “Larry, gonna…” He didn’t know if Larry could move quickly enough for Xander to come outside of his mouth.

To his shock, Larry slid his hand down to Xander’s balls and suddenly took Xander deep into his mouth. A convulsive swallow, and the warm squeeze made white noise fill Xander’s ears and his eyesight begin to blur as he came. Larry kept on swallowing, taking all of Xander’s come down and sucking the last of it from his cock like it was the last drop of Gatorade from a water bottle.

When he could breathe again, Xander looked down at Larry, who had sat back on his heels, breathing equally as hard. The football player avoided Xander’s eyes when Xander tried to check to see if everything was alright.

“Did you…?” he asked hesitantly, all newfound pride at being key guy gone as his voice echoed strangely in the empty cafeteria.

Larry’s cheeks pinked slightly and he nodded, confirming and indicating the splash of come on the floor under Xander’s table at the same time.

“So, was it good…?” Xander trailed off, running a hand through his hair. “Oh man, that’s cliché. Um, I mean that it’s good that you… uh, finished, because that was, like, wow.” Xander’s stomach tensed and he cursed his lack of vocabulary silently. Could he sound any more like a moron?

To his surprise, Larry looked up at him with hope in his eyes. “You—you really liked it? Cause that was my first time…”

“Larry, if there were words…” Xander shrugged. “They’d still be inadequate. You’re going to make some man very happy someday. Really.” The words were something that he’d said to Willow most of their lives, and it felt odd saying them to someone almost a head taller than him.


“Really.” He stood up and zipped himself back up. “Come on,” he said, offering Larry a hand up. “We should go get some sleep before graduation.”

Larry straightened his shoulders and slapped Xander on the back familiarly, more like a teammate or a brother than someone who just had his mouth around the other guy’s dick. “Yeah,” he said. “I heard it’s going to be a blast.”


If anyone's got any other Larry/Xander stories that they think are good, I'd love to read them!

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