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Deeply Loved, Chapter 12

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Hey, everyone! This is the last chapter in Deeply Loved, and I'm nearly done with the sequel, Deeply Hurt. I will be posting some Deeply Met drabbles here first, and I will put links to them on Bloodclaim, so if you just check there for updates, they will be listed as non-Spander (unless they are... right.) because I think that's where most of my readers come from. If anyone wants to post this story somewhere, please let me know!

And here it is!

Deeply Loved, Chapter 12.
Title: Deeply Loved
Chapter: 12/12.
Pairing: Spike/Xander, Xander/OMC/OFC, Spike/OMC
Rating: NC-17 for sex & language
Feedback: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kate_fire/
Concrit: /in comments/
Disclaimer: I only own the Twain. Watch the pretty boys dance!
Warnings/Squicks: Um, language, sex, Xander with two original characters so a threesome het/slash, possibly bad writing, fairly light Buffy bashing, some angst, mention of rape, a bit of this, odd humor, a touch of that... you get the point.
Summary: Starts mid-Season 4 and becomes AU. Xander had an interesting summer, and now it's come back to *not exactly* bite him on the ass. Spike gets drawn in as the plot thickens like weak jelly.
Notes: Thanks for Beta-ing the first few chappies, Linda!

First few chapters are here awaiting your love!

Xander flopped down on his bed, groaning with ecstasy at the familiar softness. “God, this feels good. I’m so tired I could sleep for months.” He pulled his arm across his brow. “And lucky me I got fired from my job so I can.”

The return trip from LA was exhausting: Buffy sitting in angry silence, Willow clinging to Tara, Oz and Riley curled around each other in wolf form ignoring both of their exes. Giles was still upset because of Wesley and the Twain’s as yet undiscovered history, which the younger Watcher refused to discuss, and the Twain had set off for Mexico, thereby removing all opportunities of furthering the discussion. Xander was emotionally exhausted, only to come back and find that his job at the Pizza Shack had been terminated due to his unavailability the past week.

Low laughter for his bedmate. “We’ll get you a new job,” Spike said. “Something outside, where you can keep all those delicious muscles I’ve found.” A cool finger caressed the exposed skin on his belly where his shirt had ridden up. “Too tired for anything, pet?”

Xander exposed an eye and gave his vampire lover a grin and tried out Sexy Voice No.1. “I’m always up for action for you, Spike.”

The hand went down to outline the shape of his erection-filled jeans. “See that, pet. You’re quite up for action.”

“I’m up for you.” Xander reached out and pulled Spike from his sitting position to lying next to him. “Always up for you.” He captured Spike’s lips in a kiss, exploring the vampire’s mouth, not wincing away from the sharp tang of blood from the recent meal. “You sure the wolves won’t mind?” he asked as Spike’s mouth slipped from his and began to kiss its way down his neck, suckling lightly.

“Doing the same thing, aren’t they?” Spike muttered around Xander’s skin, and the baritone voice made his muscles vibrate. “Can hear them.”

“Oh—oh!—God,” Xander gasped as Spike’s hand slid beneath his shirt. “Don’t say things like that. Skinny wolf or not, it’s still Riley, and just the thought of him taking it up the ass from Oz like a good beta is not—ot! Cool. Not cool.” He ignored when his voice broke over Spike’s playing with his nipples. Nope, manly man here. Manly man about to enjoy passionate, manly man sex with his passionate, manly man vampire.

As Spike scraped Xander’s neck barely with his fangs, Xander moaned and gave it up. He pulled away to peel off his shirt and shuck his pants and shorts, watching Spike get the hint and do the same thing.

A cool mouth engulfed the head of his cock the minute he hit the bed again. Sweet, sweet tongue playing with it, teasing and taunting as an equally cool hand fondled his balls and tickled his perineum. When he thought he couldn’t possibly get any stiffer, Spike released his cock with a wet pop and grinned lewdly. “Lube, Xan?” And damn if he didn’t get harder. Every time Spike called him ‘Xan’ in that low Hi-I’m-sex-on-legs-and-I-want-only-you voice, Xander couldn’t help himself. With a gasp of need he fumbled, found, and slapped the little tube into Spike’s hand.

And found it immediately slapped back into his own.


“Not fair, is it,” Spike said, moving up to lie next to Xander on the bed. He put his hands behind his head and looked for all the world like someone enjoying a picnic on soft grass on a sunny day. “What with you always having the fun. I’ve got a prostate too, don’t I? Come on, cowboy, mount up.” The last was said in an atrocious John Wayne impersonation, and now Xander knew why Spike winced every time he tried to do an English accent.

“But-but,” he sputtered. “Aren’t there like, rules or something? Master vamp, always on top. Kind of implied by the ‘Master’ part.”

“When do I listen to the rules?” Spike purred, moving one hand to stroke himself lazily. “Maybe you could be the master once.”

Xander’s mouth dropped open on sensory overload: Spike with a *snerk* spiked collar on his knees, waiting prettily with a bound cock for Xander’s word… His eyes blurred as he licked mouth suddenly gone dry.

“Besides, you buggered Jon, didn’t you?” Spike went on, and in those words Xander caught the emotions and was brought back to himself.

He leant down and kissed Spike passionately, taking the vampire’s cock in his hands and stroking it. As Spike arched up into the touch, Xander pressed him down again, taking control, showing how much he really did want Spike. “Say it,” he growled, pinching a nipple.

Spike’s beautiful blue eyes stared at him. “I want you to fuck me,” he whispered. “I want to feel you inside me, connected to me. I want to have what the others got. I want to be yours like you’re mine.” If he could, Spike’d probably be blushing now.

“You’re already mine,” Xander growled, lubing up his fingers and pushing them into his lover. First one, in that silky tightness, and then two, stretching and playing with the delicate hole that seemed almost virginal. Spike moaned now, and Xander slowly added another, lubricating and keeping everything moist and relaxed around his hand. Spike’s fingers clawed at the sheets and his heels pushed against the bed, curving his pale body up and against Xander’s fingers. Then Xander removed them and before Spike could miss the loss of a presence, had placed his slicked head of his cock against the hole and pressed in. Moments, heartbeats inside the wicked tightness, wet and feeling Spike’s muscles adjust to him and Xander realized that nothing had ever been this right, this perfect.

He pushed against Spike, seating himself to the balls and Spike gasped, eyes wide and unfocused. Holding himself still was the hardest thing he’d ever done, but even with Spike’s vampire healing he didn’t want this to be a painful situation. “Gonna thrust now, ok love?” he asked, pressing a kiss to Spike’s temple. His lover nodded jerkily, hands still clawing at the sheets.


Xander moved as he was requested, slowly at first and then harder and faster. Spike was gasping and moaning in earnest now, muttered words that Xander couldn’t catch completely: “…didn’t know it could…never this good…didn’t…didn’t know…oh God…more…please…Xan, love you…so good…”

“It gets better,” Xander said, and used the deepling charm to press his emotions on Spike. “Look at you, boy” he said in a low voice gone hoarse with need. Words arose from somewhere outside of him. “So perfect, wanting me, spread out like that, your gorgeous cock, pale skin, perfect like a painting. I’d want to keep you like this forever, wrapped around me. Love you, Spike. Love you like this, when I’m in you. Love you like other times, when you’re in me. Love you clothed and fighting. Love you sleeping. Love you making fun of Angel and Buffy and everyone else. Love you. Love you.”

He leant forward and sank blunt teeth into Spike’s neck, feeling the blood well up around his mark and Xander swallowed, tasting the coppery tang and liking it. Spike gasped and Xander felt the walls of his slick passage began to twitch and shudder around him as the vampire came. Xander threw back his head, surrendering himself to the feelings as the words just continued to spill out of him from a nameless source. “So perfect! Love you!” And then he was coming, shooting his lust and love inside Spike as his lover jerked and shuddered from the power of his orgasm.

Breathing hard, he pressed his forehead against Spike’s, smiling at the dazed expression on the blond’s face as he carefully pulled out. “Love you,” he whispered again, giving Spike a quick affectionate kiss.

Spike blinked and came back from wherever he was. He curled in Xander’s embrace and returned the kiss. “Love you, too, Xan.”

And wrapped deeply in each other’s arms, both of them feeling the love around them like a cocoon, fell deeply asleep.

And I love all my reviewers and readers!! Hope you enjoyed the story!

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